Happy 2017!  I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog for the past month because life has been fairly hectic. We traveled home to Connecticut for the holidays, which wasn’t particularly relaxing, but it was a ton of fun catching up with friends and family.

I got a new job! I had been at my previous job for over four years, and I had started interviewing for new positions in mid-November. I received an offer just after Thanksgiving and officially accepted and gave my notice at the beginning of December. After the holidays I went back to work for a week, and I just started my new job last Monday! It’s been a super exciting but slightly crazy time.

We also just got pre-approved for a mortgage, so the house/condo search is officially on. We’ve already seen some pretty amazing properties, and I’ve gotten some great design and decor ideas from open house staging. I’ll be sure to share relevant aspects of the house hunt with you on the blog.

We’ve started to put together our 2017 travel wishlist which tentatively includes Iceland, Denmark, Germany, India, and Thailand. We’ll see what ends up panning out! I plan to write a wedding and honeymoon recap in the next couple of weeks that I hope everyone will enjoy. We went to Greece via Switzerland, and we definitely got bit by the travel bug during that trip.

Once we move into our new place, we’ll be adopting a PUPPY! I have literally been waiting my entire life to be a dog mom, and it feels so surreal that it’s an actual thing that will be happening soon!

On top of all of this, I am also taking two more classes towards my second master’s degree.  After this semester, I’ll only have one class left! 🎉

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2017! I can’t wait to write more frequently in the year ahead about all of these exciting things!

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