new job, new house, lost couches, Ikea struggles

It has been a while since I’ve sat down to write here — three months, to be exact. A LOT has happened over the past three months, and I’m here to give you all a recap.

We started looking for condos and houses in mid-January, and we put an offer in on a place down the street from our apartment at the end of January. Our offer was accepted the next day, and we closed on March 1. It was a super quick process because the condo was new construction, so we didn’t need to wait for the seller to move, etc. We absolutely love our new space, and it’s been so fun doing a little interior designing and decorating! We went from a 1000 sq ft space with one bedroom and one bathroom to a 2,700 sq ft space with three bedrooms and three and and half bathrooms, and we could not be happier to have the extra space.

The only hitch we’ve encountered so far have been with the two sectional couches we ordered. We got a u-shaped sectional for the basement chill zone, and one of three pieces was delivered two weeks ago. They cannot find the other two pieces, so we are living with one third of a couch right now. Classic.

We actually just found out today that the l-shaped sectional we got for the living room from Interior Define was never sent to production. So, even though we ordered it over eight weeks ago, we need to wait another eight to twelve weeks for the couch. Thankfully they offered to give us a discount on the couch and will expedite it as much as possible. I just want everything to be done!

Yesterday Kari and I took a trip to Ikea, which is always an adventure. I bought a jungles worth of plants, some shelves for the basement, and a bench for the side entrance. We had quite the time building the shelves. Kari stripped a bolt and then when we tried to drive to Home Depot to get bolt cutters, we discovered that her car got towed because it was partially blocking a driveway. We were able to retrieve her car for a ransom, and then we came back and realized that the shelves had been screwed in upside down. Instead of cutting the screw, I told her to hammer out the metal shelf to fit over the bolt. We were super excited that you can’t even tell how jacked up the shelf is. #makeitwork #fuckyouikea

I’ll end this post with a photo of the shelves and the bench! I can’t wait to do more posts about our design choices for the condo, but I’ll need to wait until the damn couches are delivered, and lord knows when that will finally be.

Ikea PS 2017



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